The importance of the Camino determines the solution adopted to cross the watercourse. One of the simplest ways to it is the use of “poldras”. Here, in Vaosilveiro, we will dig into the building solutions and wood as a link between architecture and nature. In this area you will see a lot of wood cottages where you can stay!

PEFC certified wood is used in a lot of building projects, indoors as well as structural ones, making sure the materials used come from sustainable sources.

Architecture and nature
The role of PEFC
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In many places, until well into XX century, they used crossing boats which moved people and even carriages with draught and pack animals. There were boats with wires joining the banks of the river, but it was more usual that the boat owners did the job and charged their service.

An easy solution was fords, which were just used in rivers which were not very deep, since it just consisted of tiling the river bed.

The“poldras” were used in deeper watercourses. They are pieces of stone stabbed in the river bed directly with a distance between them of a step, offering little resistance to the current. This was the solution adopted in Vaosilveiro initially, and later it was necessary to build the modern bridge because of the increase of pilgrims using it. In many occasions the building solution for bridges is made of wood, mainly in natural spaces, such as the riverside walk of Río Negro (Muíños).

Here the Ruta dos Faros, passes by, but you should be rested if you want to follow it. It has more than 200km and it connects Malpica and Fisterra, always close to the sea and connecting the lighthouses of the coastline between them. 

Architecture and nature

Wood to build

Increasingly, architects, designers, constructors and other people related to building are choosing wood as the key element in the design of buildings. Wood plays an important role in building, since it is a modern, versatile and visually attractive material which allows to develop creative and innovative building solutions. From the materials available for construction, wood is the one which lower power consumption in its manufacture. When we use wood, we obtain a high performance building in a simple and direct way. Its good thermal performance and its high air tightness allow to successfully reaching the energy goals defined by current regulations.

Appearance and comfort: natural material with a wonderful appearance in a wide range of structural uses (indoors and outdoors).

Flexibility: unique material, easy to use. It’s the key in circular economy, since it is renewable, reusable and recyclable.

Performance: It offers the best results in the application of certification systems for sustainable building in a wide variety of residential and commercial projects.

Availability and choice: The widest variety of sustainable wood to choose for building projects, with a large network of shippers and suppliers.

PEFC Chain of custody: The safest tool to track the wood from the forest to the building.

Sustainability: A simple and effective solution to design buildings with zero carbon emissions, recognised by world-leading sustainable building systems.

The role of PEFC

There is a wide variety of PEFC certified types of wood, a large section of colours, textures and characteristics to choose, as well as a large network of shippers and suppliers. This versatility and the potential uses which offers, provides with a wide variety of design options. Thanks to the PEFC chain of custody, architects and designers can make sure wood has a legal and sustainable origin.

PEFC certified wood is gaining a great importance in many building projects, indoors as well as structural use. It is used in every type of buildings, such as houses, schools, hotels, restaurants, theatres and supermarkets, in their structure as well as in the making of flooring, roofs and facings, or carpentry, for example windows, doors or stairs. To obtain total security in the creation of a sustainable project, PEFC offers the Building Projects Certification.. This certification is based on the control of all the materials used in the project, so they can prove that they come from a forestry management which is sustainable certified.

The main rules, codes and regulations in Green building worldwide promote the use of certified wood, so choosing PEFC certified wood and its derivative products becomes an excellent choice.

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